[VIDEO] Man saved some boys from SARS illegal maltreatment

Man saved some boys from SARS illegal maltreatment

As it is known that the SARS and F SARS operatives of Nigeria illegally maltreat the Nigerian students and citizen at large.

Here is a video showing where the SARS OPERATIVES illegally treating some set of boys on highway, instructed to come down and start searching there mobiles.

The video showed where an uidentified man alledgely challenged them asking ‘What has they done’.

In lieu of this the SARS OPERATIVES has nothing to say since its illegal they kept begging the man. ‘Sir! We’re sorry Sir’

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The man who came down from his car to help the innocent citizens never hesitate to challenged them without fear.

The SARS operatives never reply a word since except ‘we’re sorry Sir’ since its illegal!.

In conclusion the SARS operatives succumb and told the guys to go back in to their car and go home scot free.

Watch video below:.

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One thought on “[VIDEO] Man saved some boys from SARS illegal maltreatment

  • October 6, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    This man will be either lawyer or soldier..
    But though we should fight for our right…


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