[VIDEO] Keke Man Fights Lady Over N20

[VIDEO] Keke Man Fights Lady Over N20

A Disgraceful viral video of Nigerian man fighting a lady over N20 in Nigeria.

Here is a video of a Keke Driver fighting a Lady over the issue of N20.

According to report gathered by KikGist Media we ‘blot out’ on the N20 matter, it is noted that among the duo, one is breaking the contract made by them before the service.

It is often noted that ‘Cheat’ has been the reel cause of the case.

Comments gathered on Nairaland showed and enlighten what the cause of the matter Maybe!. 24K Magic comment below:.

The problem we have in this country is that we arrive at conclusions easily.

Yes, they might be fighting cos of N20 but what really happened? Don’t look at the N20, look what happened first.

May be after agreeing to pay him N50, she ends up giving him N30, which is like playing on his intelligence. He can even carry her for free if she begs him. Yes, they do it. I suspect that either of them is trying to cheat the other person, which is bad. Cheating is cheating, whether with N20 or 1M.

My point is look at the whole situation first, not the meagre N20.

Na from one de de get two.
Today na N20, nobody know how much e fit be tomorrow.

Another comment below:

But they dont look poor to me all i see is ego,or the man is liking the girl.

Watch video below:


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