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  1. Attitude towards learning the subject (mathematics) many students believe the subject is too hard to comprehend
  2.  Method of Teaching: – The method of teaching should be proper with good methodology, students will be able to perform calculation without using calculator.
  3. Lack of connection Between the subject and students. When the students are unable to develop a connection between the subject and themselves. i.e there future ambition, thus a mathematics teacher should be a good councilor
  4. Low esteem

This hampered students in learning the subject when student is not self confidante student should stopped be encouraged in learning the subject (Mathematic)

  • LOW intelligent Quotient (IQ) This should not be a problem, hard work is required.
  • Short Attention Span: This should be done between parent and teacher by teaching the need to students pay attention in full direction to the subject (mathematics) in the classroom
  • Lack of understanding About signs and symbols: The sign and symbols play vital roles in learning mathematics. Therefore he who lacks the skills may not really understand the subjects.
  • Many mathematics teachers are not well versed in the subject:

Some are half-baked. Teaching mathematics required encouragement.


  • Accessible text books: – if every parent can afford to buy text book i.e subject textbook for their children the phobia in leaning the subject will be removed since hellish is having something to work on at home after the school lesson.
  • Teacher student ratio: This is another reason why student fail mathematics when the number of the students in the class is above the capacity of a teacher. e.g. a teacher must be with 15 – 20 students not 30 – 40 students per teacher.

NB: – If all these factors/reason are taken into consideration failing of mathematics as a subject will be something of the past.

See Natural Skills

Rule of II (2digits)                       Rule of 11 (3digit)  

33 x 11 =                                                 245 x 11 = 2695

Separate “33”     3  6 3                Separate first digit and last digit

Add 3 + 3                                                Add 4 and 5

Fill the gap                                   Add 2 and 4

Check from calculator                Rule of 9

       9 x 7 = 63

                                                          Removed 1 from 7

                                                          Subtract 6 from 9        

                                                          Its applicable everywhere

Rule of Square

X + X

  1. 122 = 144             (2) 132 = 169                 (3) 252 = 625

Step (1) 1 x 1                1 x 1                              5 x 5 = 2

Step (2) 2 + 2               3 x 3                              5 x 5 = 10 + 2®

Step 3 2 x 2                  3 x 3                              2 x 2 = 4 + 2

What is 

21 x 60                 Without    

11 x 2435                      Using Calculator

Written by

Engr. Com. Adesokan A.K


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