Last Assignment – Mide Ajao

Last Assignment - Mide

[POEM] Last Assignment - Mide

Mide Ajao
“I am here for a funeral huh?”
I adjusted my shade as I walked into Alvin’s wedding reception. My all-black dress stole the show you could tell, everyone was staring like they could see the horns on my head too. Wheew! The devil is here to stay.
“Happy Married Life Bestfriend”

I whispered into Alvin’s ears, adjusted his collar and noticed his chest beating fast like I’m about to remove his lung. I smiled devilishly and waved two fingers to his little fairly tale bride.
“So sorry I was unable to make it to the church program” I bent a little to ice up my apology to the bride.
“It’s fine Uncle John, I understand.” She laughed it off.
I found myself a sit beside one of the bride’s maid, pretty to the eye with a little chubby body.

“Hello beautiful” She flipped her hair and took her cup of wine to the other table. ‘What an attitude!’ I shrugged.
The MC announced the dance of the Couples and friends, it’s so fast than I ever thought. I was about to stand when I saw Alvin giving the MC a signal to skip it and move to the next section.

‘Don’t you dare play me Alvin!’ I gritted my teeth. Alvin’s bride walked up to the MC with her angelic flowery gown and collected the microphone. ‘It’s time to throw the bouquet! Where are my girls? Let’s do this!!” She screamed joyfully.

The hall went silent, the ladies are at front expecting the bouquet as the bride turned her back to throw it.
I removed my glittering black pistol, set it under the table and pulled the damn trigger! Everybody in the hall screamed, running out like it’s a kind of war, holding their shoes like it’s hurting, pulling themselves like the hall isn’t wide enough. I watched the bride as she went down with her beautiful bouquet, holding Alvin’s neck as he’s also pulling her to his chest.

“So sorry Best friend, I had to do this” I waved at him and left.
It was such a double blessings! Alvin paid the last cult dues, I finished my last assignment. Congrats to the boys.
©Mide 2019.


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