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How to connect to a WiFi Hotspot without knowing its password

Posted by on August 13, 2019
How to connect to a WiFi Hotspot without knowing its password?

How to connect to a WiFi Hotspot without knowing its password?

Do you know you can connect to an Wi-Fi secured with password, here is how it goes.

I recently discovered something very interesting lately though. You can connect to WIFI APs without any password.

At start I didn’t think it was a big deal or anything but I noticed that it is a very very critical vulnerability only when I turned the WIFI of my phone on while I was taking a 5 minutes walk and was connected to multiple networks that were meant to be password protected by their owners, along the way.

Too many WIFI APs are vulnerable I have experienced it. You might be too, make sure you stay safe.

This is seems super dangerous if you ask me and when I say it I mean it. In theory there is no way of connecting to a WIFI AP without password, If the AP is password protected then password must be fed in some way but I managed to connect to the router of my college within 1 minute and also was able to access the router’s setup page.


It was a Digicom’s router and it was supposed to to password protected lol!! Basically how I managed to access to the WIFI that was supposed to be password protected (all WIFI APs were hidden) is by just adding a few network names manually. namely rt5390_1 upto 5 (just increase last number in ascending order and let the other part of the name same) And mind you the these names are universal and works for most of the routers.

Main thing to note here is all WIFI routers with Realtek chipset inside automatically create WIFI APs without knowledge of the owner and don’t protect those APs with any sort of password.

I will go ahead and say that it is a critical vulnerability. Just think for a moment how much damage could I have done if I wanted to.No sort of cracking or hacking was involved and I got access to the whole network within a minute to say.

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I’m experiencing just so many WIFI routers are vulnerable everyday when I take a walk and am connected to multiple WIFI routers which are meant to be password protected by their owners without even breaking a sweat.It really is very much more dangerous than it seems. Beware you might be vulnerable too.

Here are full videos guiding the processes. [Simple and Timely]

How to connect to a WiFi Hotspot without knowing its password


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